Style Guidelines Style Guidelines


We use the same guidelines and typeface as UNOPS. Our body font is Open Sans, and our display font is VF Sans.

Body font: Open Sans

Most type — such as flowing body text, seconday text and metadata, and user interface elements — should be set in Open Sans. A simple, highly legible “humanist” sans-serif, Open Sans has a solidity and clarity to its design that reflects our values of trust and transparency.

Open Sans font example
While the UNOPS brand guidelines include all weights of Open Sans, for the purposes of the IAIG style, we use only the Light, Regular, and Bold weights, with accompanying italics.

How to obtain Open Sans

Open Sans is freely available through Google Fonts under an open-source license. Download it here.

Display font: VF Sans

Headlines and subheadings should be set in VF Sans. A commercial grotesque-style font, VF Sans has the strong, understated clarity of midcentury classics like Futura but feels slightly more casual and friendly due to its quirky, more stylized design.

VF Sans font example
Like the wider UNOPS brand, we primarily use the Bold weight of VF Sans, with very occasional applications of the Light weight (such as the IAIG logo).

How to obtain VF Sans

VF Sans is a proprietary, commercial font available through Terminal Design. Licenses must be purchased by “seat” (individual device) for print and collateral use, and as a “webfont” for use on websites. Contact your manager if you need access to UNOPS’ license.